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We offer favorable and competitive distributed gaming contracts:


A partnership between the business and Golden Route Operations where the business is licensed with the NGCB. There is an agreed upon split of revenue between the two entities. Golden Route Operations provides all games, hardware, service and maintenance.


This is a partnership for a location that is not licensed with the NGCB. Golden Route Operations provides games, hardware, service and maintenance. An agreed upon amount of โ€œrentโ€ will be paid to the location for the games.


In this partnership the location will get licensed to participate the gaming revenue, this is different than getting licensed to be the gaming operator. Golden Route Operations would be the licensed gaming operator and an agreed upon split would be reach between GRO and the location.


This partnership includes everything that the maintenance agreement includes and in addition services such as drops and game analysis.


In this agreement the location is the licensed operator and also owns the machines. Golden Route Operations provides all maintenance for the gaming devices at an agreed upon fee.

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“One word to describe our partnership with GRO has been “relationship”. It is truly a partnership built on relationships. They go out of their way to provide us with the best marketing, technologies and service. Service is quick and friendly. Anytime we need someone to help with an issue they are always in our locations in minutes. I cannot imagine having a route partner more committed to helping us succeed.”

Chris Scarpulla

Owner, Great American Pub